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[Collection Name] Guangxu Yuanbao Dang 10, Hubei Province, and Sichuan Copper coin 50, made by the military government.

[Collection Specification] Weight: 17.36g/6.68g

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Chinese culture has a long history of 5000 years. In the long history, the money issued by our country is also part of the culture. As we all know, coins play an important role in our economic system. It not only represents the monetary culture of modern China, but also reflects the rise and fall of modern history, economy and finance.


The "Guangxu Yuanbao of Hubei Province" of the fine coins is a vivid dragon on the back. In China, collectors like this coin very much, because the Chinese nation is the descendant of the dragon. According to the folklore, the dragon on the back of the "Guangxu Yuanbao" in Hubei Province can increase one's fortune and make him always pursue good luck and avoid bad luck under the protection of the dragon spirit. So this coin has always been loved by collectors. As one of the exquisite coins in modern times, the Guangxu Yuanbao collected by our company is a rare one with unique style and rich cultural connotation.


It is reported that Governor Zhang Zhidong of Guangzhou and Guangzhou commissioned the British minister in Guangxu 13 years to order a complete set of coin machines in the UK, and first minted silver and copper yuan in the Guangdong Money Bureau. Later, various provinces followed suit and purchased foreign machinery casting silver and copper yuan, and Guangxu Yuanbao came into being in this period. In recent years, the trading records of the art market show that Guangxu Yuanbao has a good market potential. Its market price has been rising all the way. In a few years, the trading price of a single Guangxu Yuanbao has been rising from hundreds of thousands to millions. Experts expect that the market value of Guangxu Yuanbao will continue to rise in the next few years. In addition to the pursuit of collectors, a large number of investors have joined the collection, and the appreciation space of this currency will continue to expand.

湖北省造光绪元宝当十, 正面铸有铭文,顶部铸楷体“湖北省造”,底部铸“当十”标识,中心直读“光绪元宝”四字,币中心还有六瓣花。铜币背面外圈顶部余部用小号英文标准字体铭“大清帝国铜币”字样,内圈铸有正面腾云五爪龙一只,品相精致,其审美风格独特,钱币正面鲜然可见满汉文化的融合,而钱背却明确标示了西方文化的介入。 此光绪元宝铜币背面饰龙纹,蟠龙的双爪锋利尖锐,身躯细长,把龙的气度突显的异常轩昂,在龙纹刻画上细腻逼真,十分生动自然,除此之外没有丝毫多余和刻意而为之的地方,在这小小的钱币之上,完美呈现出实用与工艺相结合的艺术风范,令人惊叹。此币具有较高的收藏价值和投资价值,遇之则福。乱世黄金,盛世收藏。三十年前人们还只为温饱犯愁,致力于步入小康;而今盛世,国强民富,越来越多的人投身到古玩收藏中来。以收藏的角度看来,凡事儿都讲究个物以稀为贵,由于此钱币存世量稀缺性而市场持续走俏并受到越来越多的收藏人士热捧,其价格以及拍卖成交率也大大上升。钱币是一个时代的象征,具有很大的历史价值。

There are inscriptions on the front, an italic "Made in Hubei Province" on the top, a logo on the bottom, four characters of "Made in Guangxu" read directly from the center, and six flowers in the coin center. On the back of the coin, the top part of the outer circle is inscribed with the small English standard font "Qing Empire Copper coin". The inner circle has a front Tengyun Five-clawed Dragon with exquisite taste. Its aesthetic style is unique. The front of the coin clearly shows the integration of Manchu and Chinese culture, while the back of the coin clearly indicates the intervention of Western culture. This Guangxu Yuanbao copper coin is decorated with dragon patterns on the back. The dragon's claws are sharp and sharp, and its body is slender. It highlights the unusual magnificence of the dragon's demeanor. It is vivid and natural in the Dragon patterns. Besides, there is no redundancy or deliberate place to do it. On this small coin, it perfectly presents an artistic style of combining practicality with craftsmanship, which is amazing. This currency has a high collection value and investment value, if you encounter it, you will be lucky. Gold in troubled times is collected in prosperous times. Thirty years ago, people were only worried about food and clothing and devoted themselves to entering a well-off society. In this prosperous age, the country is strong and the people are rich, and more and more people are devoting themselves to the collection of antiques. From the point of view of collection, everything is about scarcity. Because of the scarcity of coins, the market continues to be popular and popular with more and more collectors. Its price and auction turnover rate have also risen greatly. Coin is a symbol of the times and has great historical value.


"Sichuan copper coins made by the military government as fifty pieces of money" is the currency issued and circulated by Sichuan at that time, which is unique in the history of collection. At the same time, due to the historical factors of the specific period at that time, the stock is relatively scarce. During the period of the Republic of China, the circulation range of Sichuan copper coins manufactured by the military government was relatively narrow, and the circulation and stock of Sichuan copper coins were very small. For this reason, fewer people contacted Sichuan copper coins and fewer researchers, but this does not mean that Sichuan copper coins have no collection value. In the collection industry, this rule has been followed all the time, that is, "Things are precious when they are scarce". As a special currency of special historical period and local regime, Sichuan copper coin is the product of history, has irreplaceable cultural relic value and is the witness of history.


This Sichuan copper coin is made by the military government on the top, by the bottom of the coin, by the central coin, by the Sichuan copper coin. On the other hand, there are exquisite pictures and texts. The calligraphy on the coin is exquisite and atmospheric. The coin is exquisite in casting, excellent in sculpture, strong in relief, and the traces of the years add a sense of quietness and simplicity. Although the coin is small, it can also peep at the social culture of that time, with its rich and solid texture. Although it has been damaged in the circulation of time, its historical significance still gives it a very high collection value. It is divided from top to bottom, with hibiscus pattern in the center. The left and right are decorated with flower stars. On the back of the big circle in the center of the coin is a seal book "Han", so coin collectors also call it "Han" copper yuan. The upper end of the circle is inscribed with six words "the first year of the Republic of China", which are arranged in four-star ornaments. There were 18 small circles outside the "Han" circle, representing 18 provinces at that time. The combination of 18 small circles around the word "Han" implies that the people of 18 provinces united to fight for "expelling the Tartars and restoring China". It bears the distinct epoch mark of the Revolution of 1911 and witnesses the magnificent history of the nation.


From ancient times to the present, each dynasty has issued its own currency with its own characteristics, and they all blossomed brilliantly at that time. However, with the evolution of history, every coin has undergone the baptism of years and the precipitation of history. The face of the coin has been exposed to the wind and frost, which has faded away the past, leaving an interesting historical flavor and collection value. In addition, it is a rare opportunity for this group of coins to be put together and handed out at the same time.

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