[collection name]: Guangxu Yuanbao made in Hubei Province


[collection type]: Coins



[collection introduction]: in recent years, with the continuous warming of collection fever, ancient coins have been favored by more and more antique lovers and investors due to the low threshold of collection investment, and the market has been rising all the way. China's currency culture has a long history. The earliest metal currency is the copper shell of the Shang Dynasty.In the 15th year of Guangxu (1889), Zhang Zhidong, governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, who founded China's first Mint in Guangzhou, was transferred to governor of Huguang. He set up factories in Hubei, compiled and trained the new army, established new education, and became a representative figure in the later period of the Westernization Movement. In August of the 19th year of Guangxu's reign (1893), due to the shortage of money in the market, Zhang Zhidong gradually took shape in Hubei's governments, prefectures, counties, cities, townships, cities and towns. Together with Hubei governor Tan Jixun, he asked to take a case in Guangdong and start casting silver dollars. With the permission of the order, the original garrison Office of Wuchang horse reading farm was used to reconstruct the plant and cast silver dollars in imitation of the style of Guangdong Province. In May of the 21st year of Guangxu (1895), Hubei Yinyuan Bureau opened casting, flowing through the provinces of Jiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Hubei.





The Guangxu Yuanbao made in Hubei Province is used as ten copper coins. The words "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the Han Dynasty are cast in the bead circle on the front of the copper coin, and the six petal plum blossom pattern is decorated in the center. The upper ring outside the circle reads "made in Hubei Province" and the lower ring reads "Dangshi". There are Manchu money Bureau names on the left and right books. On the back is the picture of coiled dragon, with exquisite patterns, exquisite dragon scales, beautiful lines, smooth and elegant, and exquisite casting technology. When you look at it, it looks like a divine dragon flying in the sky, lifelike, subtle and quiet. The upper and lower rings are in English, with a round dessert on the left and right. This copper coin has exquisite casting technology, and the font and pattern are in line with the casting characteristics at that time. The foundation of Manchu calligraphy is firm, the pen can be used freely, thick and powerful, the use traces of tooth edges are obvious, and the coating is moist.



As one of the exquisite coins in modern coins, Guangxu Yuanbao made in Hubei Province has a unique style and rich cultural connotation. The dragon is the symbol of China and the culture of the Chinese nation. The coin has exquisite workmanship, perfect carving, strong sense of relief, flat and smooth mirror surface, very clear intersection line of patterns, deep mouth, lines and side teeth, which is completely the style of the sample coin.




The surface of coins is mellow and highly ornamental. Regular script calligraphy is extremely exquisite and atmospheric, and the shelf structure is balanced and stretched, which is second to none in Longyang. This copper coin, made in Hubei Province, is a Guangxu Yuanbao coin. All the characters and patterns on the surface are round and convex according to the potential, with a sense of three-dimensional sculpture. The structure of the character shelf is magnificent, like when the ink is full, it is amazing. The water standing dragon on the back is like a rising cloud, which makes the viewer feel the mighty dragon! Manchu calligraphy has a solid foundation and mellow strokes; It has high collection value.